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Quality and Safety

4 Seasons Demolition takes charge of every task with care and precision.



4 Seasons Demolition specializes in demolition.  We have completed thousands of projects across North and South Carolina.


Our demolition service of structures is carefully done using specialized equipment and skilled personnel. We use our own equipment consisting of excavators with special attachments to meet a variety of demolition projects.

Commercial/Industrial Demolition

Commercial demolition may require extensive preparation such as additional permitting, hazardous testing and abatement, engineered demolition plans, complicated utility disconnections, road closures and more. 4 Seasons Demolition Inc. has completed thousands of commercial demolition projects and we have a through understanding of the process and requirements. Many of our completed commercial and industrial demolition projects are showcased in our gallery.


Residential Demolition

4 Seasons Demolition provides residential demolition services for single and multi-story houses, apartments, and condos. Our team has the experience and equipment to complete any demolition project swiftly and safely. 4 Seasons Demolition Inc. provides demolition services in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Excavations may require sheeting, shoring, dewatering, utility work, confined space entry, ETC. 4 Seasons Demolition Inc holds an Unlimited Unclassified General Contractors License which includes Excavation, Grading, and Utilities. Many demolition projects will need excavation whether it is below grade construction, part of the foundation, or the utilities.


 For more questions about our excavation services, please give us a call at (910) 793-3662, or fill out a contact form.


Recycling "Go Green"

In an effort to divert waste from landfills, we recycle as much demolition debris as possible. The recycling of materials is common practice with 4 Seasons Demolition. Concrete, brick, and block are crushed and used as road base. Asphalt is crushed and mixed in with new asphalt for use in paving roads. Unpainted wood and vegetation are ground into mulch. Steel and metal are recycled at local scrap yards for use in manufacturing.


Erosion control, grading, compaction, and vegetation services typically follow a demolition project completion. 4 Seasons Demolition will ensure that the demolition job is completed with all the necessary finishing touches.


Asbestos Removal

A qualified and professional team with proper licensing for asbestos removal or asbestos abatement is available. Asbestos abatement is a task, which requires the utmost care and proper handling. On commercial projects, state law requires an asbestos survey and abatement, if needed, before demolition can begin.

Many older buildings used asbestos as a form of insulation and harmful effects weren’t discovered until years after. When disturbed, asbestos particles can become airborne and cause serious health effects. State law requires that, before demolition projects get underway, an asbestos survey be performed to determine if asbestos is present. Abatement must be done by a team of professionals with proper licensing.

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