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ILM Hangar Demolition


Wilmington, NC



November 9, 2015

ILM Airport

This was a 50+ year old hanger used during World War II housing some of the most used fighter planes of that time including the Mustangs. We were requested by Wilmington International Airport to complete this project as the structure was no longer being used to house smaller aircraft off the runway.

It is not uncommon to get calls like these but they do require a degree of professionalism and quality completion which 4 Seasons Site and Demo Inc. was able to provide.

We met with airport officials at Wilmington International airport and their lead project managers. In collaboration with them, we were able to complete the deconstruction of the hanger from the airport. The airport and hanger itself had some history behind it which made this an even more exciting job for the team. Although we were sad to be taking down a piece of history, we were happy to be a part of Wilmington International’s evolution.

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